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Do We Take Insurance?

Do We Take Insurance?

We do take some insurances.  To find out whether we take your specific insurance it is important to find out whether your insurance is referred to as “In-Network” benefits or “Out-of-Network” benefits.  

The types of Insurance we accept:


In-Network: Optum/United Health Care

Personal Injury

Workman’s Comp

VA for Veterans

We DO NOT take all “In-Network” benefits.

The best way to find out what type of benefits you have is to schedule a FREE Consultation with us to find out what type of insurance you have and then offer you the best option if you are seeking care from us.  

You will need to bring/have with you:

1. an unexpired Driver’s license or legal ID


2. your physical insurance card so that we can verify your benefits.   

If you know that you have “In-Network” benefits and would like to find an acupuncturist who honors your “In-Network” benefits, then your health insurance carrier should have a list of providers in your area who accepts your “In-Network” benefits.

For any further questions you may email us at:

760-310-8770 Directions Contact/Schedule