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Cupping Private Session

Cupping Private Session

What is Cupping?

Cupping is a technique designed to excrete toxins that have built up from the body’s deeper tissues to the surface of the skin.  

The cells of the body use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide; when oxygen and blood are blocked the cell waste from the carbon dioxide gets blocked.  This is called acid build up and is also often called toxin buildup.  

Physical pain in this instance can imply a blockage in the flow of oxygen and blood in a particular area.  When cell waste or toxins are blocked in the muscle tissues and joints, it is often difficult for the body to get rid of this waste on its own, causing further pain and discomfort from further buildup of the waste causing further blockages in those areas of the body. 

Utilizing various cupping techniques, we are able to excrete the blockage of waste out of the deeper tissues of the body and move them to the skin’s surface.

Once on the skin’s surface, it is much easier to eliminate toxins and waste through the superficial blood supply or capillary system. 

Because the toxins have been excreted from those areas, we are able to circulate new blood into those areas allowing for proper blood flow to be restored and vitalized. 

You may be familiar with cupping and all its benefits; however, the doctor will assess in your session whether it is right for your case and whether other forms of treatment are recommended for better treatment outcomes.

$70 a Session


Pronounced, “gwa-shah”, is a technique using a rounded edged tool involving repeated pressured strokes over the skin’s surface for the similar effect as cupping to excrete waste matter from the deeper tissues bringing them up to the surface of the skin.

Just like with any treatment session, the doctor will assess whether this type of treatment will best suit your needs and may be combined with other modalities as well.

Along with utilizing cupping and gua sha for ridding the body of waste and increasing oxygen and blood flow, we also offer cupping and gua sha for the many cosmetic benefits they offer.

Please visit Our Cosmetic Private Session Page or book your FREE consultation to find out more about Cosmetic Cupping and Gua Sha.

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