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Beautiful Skin Cupping Session

Beautiful Skin Cupping Session

These treatments are for those looking for the benefits of cosmetic treatments without the use of needles or in conjunction with cosmetic acupuncture for the best results in cases with advanced aging skin.

Benefits of Beautiful skin Cupping for the Face:

Improves Micro/blood circulation in the face.

Boosts Collagen Production.

Helps tighten and tone the skin.

Opens and shrinks skin pores.

Improves facial swelling- reducing bloat and puffiness.

Relaxes tension in the facial muscles.

Regulates production of natural oils.

Increases skincare penetration/product absorption.

Enhances Facial Glow.

Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles.

Lightens skin imperfections.

Lifts, firms, and sculpts the face.

$70 a Session

Benefits of Beautiful Skin Cupping Session for the Body

These treatments are for those looking for benefits particularly in areas where the goal is to smooth and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cupping therapy specifically for the benefit of aesthetics for the body is able to:

Improve circulation in both blood vessels and lymphatic system.

Facilitates elimination of fats, excess fluids, and toxins from the body which leads to greater reduction, more toned, lifted skin and smoother cellulite.

Benefits of Beautiful skin Gua Sha for the Face:

The benefits are similar to facial cupping with some differences:

Reduces dark circles.

Lifts the eyebrows.

Has a lymphatic drainage effect.

*May also be combined with cosmetic acupuncture*

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